Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You do not need to register or supply any personal information to browse our website. In addition to the policy below, IABC DC Metro follows the main IABC privacy policy.

Data Collection

We collect the most basic information such as your name, email, country and phone numbers when you comment on our blog, register as a subscriber, or contact us. This is the type of information found on a typical business card.

We do not collect any personal information or store IP addresses locally on our site. This information is only used to monitor the number of visits to our pages and location at the city level, therefore we cannot track or trace individual users or their physical addresses.

Cookies are used on this site by IABC DC Metro and third parties to provide analytics and a smoother website login experience.

Data Use

We use this information to give you information, products and services. If you are located in the European Economic Area, you must be informed that your data is being transferred outside of the EU, to the United States. The information will be used:

  • Deliver or inform you about products/services/information that you have purchased
  • Deliver or inform you about products/services/information provided as a part, or benefit of your membership
  • Notify you of new member benefits added during the course of your membership
  • Inform you of when your membership is scheduled for renewal
  • Offer you related IABC DC Metro services/products
  • Notify you of partnerships and partner offers that may add value to your membership

We further use the data to have a better understanding of our audience, improve our marketing, and develop relevant new services/products.

Your Data is Not Sold

We do not further share your data, aside from the required data processors which enable IABC to conduct business. We respect your privacy and IABC does not sell your data.

Third Parties

In the course of your interaction with IABC, which may include activities such as conferences, meetings, volunteer work, social media or through any other channel, you may choose to share your data with a third party. Data shared directly by you with any third party in any instance is not governed by the IABC Privacy Policy.

Legal Grounds

By agreeing to this privacy policy, joining IABC DC Metro, subscribing to updates online, communicating with, commenting in proprietary online spaces, or asking us to contact you, you understand that you are providing this information to us voluntarily and there is a legitimate reason to retain this information for the period required to discharge those obligations mentioned above. Without the contact information we will not be able to provide the products/services/information you have purchased or about which you have requested information.

Your Rights

Depending on the legal grounds for processing, you may:

  • Have your data updated and amended if it is incorrect, out of date or incomplete
  • Restrict the level of processing or automated processing
  • Know how long we keep your data
  • Ask us to erase your data at any point and be forgotten
  • Ask us to provide details of your personal data we hold

You can do this by contacting us.

How Long is Data Retained

Your information will be retained for the period needed to interact with you, but no longer than five years subsequent or as required by law. Your data may be retained in an anonymized form thereafter. You will not be able to be identified when the data is anonymized.

Blog and Collaboration Platform Comments: Your comments and information will be retained for the length of time the platform is published and active with IABC, or until you choose to delete such information, using your own account management access.

Data Protection

This information will be retained protected behind a firewall and other security arrangements. As with any data stored in a digital medium, there is no absolute guarantee of security. If you feel this not sufficient then please do not provide any personal information or let us know and we will securely dispose of the information.

Policy Changes

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as we add new benefits, or as technologies and laws change. You can determine when this Privacy Policy was last revised by referring to the “Last updated” legend at the bottom of this page. Any changes will become effective upon our posting of the revised Privacy Policy. We will provide notice to you if these changes are material if such notice is required by applicable law. In such case, this notice will be provided by email or by posting notice of the changes on the IABC DC Metro website that links to this Privacy Policy.

Last updated on May 2021.