75% of women in executive leadership roles identified having experienced feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, according to an October 2021 study from KPMG.

  • Yes, and: Despite all the progress made when it comes to diversity and inclusion, women in leadership positions are likely to encounter a range of roadblocks.

The result: Women in leadership roles are often less likely to speak up in group situations and find it harder to assert themselves.

Strong communication skills and the capacity to influence others are key attributes of any leader or aspiring leader.

Axios HQ software and solutions can help female leaders ensure they are heard — and the information they need to deliver is understood and appreciated.

  • Rooted in years of research, Axios HQ — powered by Smart Brevity® — creates smart updates that distill essential information in half the time — increasing transparency, boosting engagement, and building trust.

Why HQ works: The best teams run on Axios HQ — and these are some of the features helping 300+ organizations communicate more effectively:

Smart writing guidance: AI-powered editing helps make important updates easier for readers to understand.

Best-practice templates: leading organizations communicate with staff and stakeholders — and the types of updates they include in:

  • All-staff communications.
  • Project-level progress.
  • Sales insights.
  • Investor updates.
  • And more.
  • Intentional design: HQ gives you a format proven to keep readers focused — but the flexibility to customize its look and feel.
  • Powerful analytics: Staff and stakeholder engagement is tough to track. HQ makes it easy. Reader-level data gives you access to:
    • Open and click rates.
    • A one-click survey to track sentiment.
    • Write-in feedback for deeper insight.

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