Back before the IABC/DC Metro chapter existed, pro communicators in the DMV often found themselves silently singing the Rolling Stones lyric, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” They had nowhere to go. Other organizations just didn’t provide the right fit, because many communicators don’t focus narrowly on public relations, marketing or advertising.

Fast-forward to today. The DC Metro chapter is one of the largest IABC chapters in the world, home to professional communicators of all kinds who enjoy a rich offering of local programs and networking.

And you belong here. Whether you’re just starting your career or you have decades of experience, we invite you to join IABC now and start enjoying the benefits.

Advance Your Career. Building a career is a team effort. You deserve to tap into the support, guidance and experience of IABC/DC Metro’s powerful network.

  • Knowledge: This chapter takes professional development seriously, providing learning opportunities and event speakers to serve members at all levels.
  • Professional Standing: IABC’s credentialing initiative is recognized around the globe for ensuring a common understanding of key principles and job competencies that will elevate the role of strategic communication as a key contributor to business results.
  • Enjoyment: Chapter participation gives you an instant circle of peers, providing welcome camaraderie for solo practitioners and rewarding activities for all members seeking to exercise their leadership and skills in new ways.

Advance You. You know, every human being is really a window into a new world. Whatever type of communication you practice in your day job, you bring your own unique view, your own distinctive way of framing this multi-paned profession. Your fellow members are eager to see anew through you. Join today.