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Crisis Communications Master Class Series: Part 1

April 26, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

About the Master Class

Crisis communications and reputation management is never a simple game of checkers. It’s a strategic and sometimes drawn-out game of chess. There are some very basic rules that you must abide by to survive a crisis or major reputational issue. But beyond that, being able to advise and counsel anxious business leaders during one of the most stressful times in their lives requires strategic nous, agility, the right temperament, and creative flair.

This three-part webinar series has been commissioned by IABC Global Learning and is designed for communications professionals wanting to increase their knowledge, skills, and understanding of crisis communications and reputation management.

Each module of the three-part series is designed to build on the foundations of the last, building not only a broad understanding of the skills, techniques, processes, and best practices in crisis communications leadership and support, but also building a deeper strategic toolkit from which to draw when called up to support crisis or major issue.

It is grounded in contemporary crisis communications practice and embeds digital technology and communications considerations.

Part 1:

Know the rules:
Crisis communications follow a few simple but indisputable rules. These rules are the foundation for mastery of crisis communications and provide a baseline for surviving a major issue or crisis.

The learning outcomes of this masterclass are as follows:

  •        Understanding of the rules of crisis communications
  •        Identify reputational risks and know the different types of crises and issues
  •        Ability to confidently establish facts, set up a crisis project team, produce wave 1 communications materials
  •        Competency in basic crisis communications materials
  •        Ability to be called upon to support a crisis management team


  • IABC Members: $375
  • Non-members: $525