Beyond the Boardroom – Creating a Culture of Conscious Collaboration

In 2020, following the murder of George Floyd, organizations across North America made commitments to increase the diversity of their workforce, create more inclusive environments and help combat anti-Black racism. While some companies have made significant strides towards these promises, in general, the changes have been incremental at best. In recognition of Black History Month, […]

IABC/Toronto 2022 Communicator of the Year (COTY)

Join IABC/Toronto live-to-air as we honour Jesse Wente, Ojibwe writer, broadcaster, public speaker, activist, curator and best-selling author with the BMO Communicator of the Year award for 2022. Wente has spent 25 years making space for Indigenous storytellers, highlighting issues facing the community and championing the work of Indigenous artists. He is best known for his work […]

Employee Activation Index 2022: What’s Driving Your Employees’ Behavior

In 2022, with organizations adapting to a post-pandemic workplace, employers needed a deeper, more nuanced understanding of their most important public: their employees. This year’s Index includes employee input from a wide variety of industries, career levels, genders, generations, and racial/ethnic backgrounds. It explores employee attitudes about company values, digital transformation, politics in the workplace, and […]

Power and Presence: How to Step up as a Leader and Influence Your Organization

As communicators, we’re used to supporting, equipping, and enabling leaders in our organizations. Our job is to make them look good – and become even more influential. But are we selling ourselves short in the process? As communications professionals, we don’t always feel powerful. Many communications colleagues over the years have observed that we often […]


Next Generation Analytics: Get Ready to Rock Google Analytics 4!

On July 1, Google will sunset its Universal Analytics (UA) and unify reporting and analysis across websites and apps. Known to be a powerful tool for insights, GA4 will help you make better data-driven decisions. There is lots to learn about how this change will impact your business. Everything will be built around users and […]

IABC World Conference 2023

As communication professionals, we have remarkable stories to share. Stories of innovation, transformation, inspiration, and challenge. Stories that illuminate the intersection of people and of business, showing courage and true leadership throughout the incredible change. It’s time to share your story - the story that Communication Can Deepen. Communication can deepen connections, skills experiences, understanding and […]