IABC World Conference 2023

As communication professionals, we have remarkable stories to share. Stories of innovation, transformation, inspiration, and challenge. Stories that illuminate the intersection of people and of business, showing courage and true leadership throughout the incredible change. It’s time to share your story - the story that Communication Can Deepen. Communication can deepen connections, skills experiences, understanding and […]

Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way

Almost everything we do involves words. From emails and presentations to phone calls and pitch meetings, words are how we persuade, communicate, and connect. But certain words are more impactful than others.  They’re better at changing minds, engaging listeners, and driving action. What are these magic words, and how can we take advantage of their […]


IABC DC Metro Presents “5% Zone: The Mindset To Be More Visible” 

Join IABC DC Metro for “5% Zone: The Mindset To Be More Visible” on Thursday, September 7 at 12 p.m. ET. Stephen Krempl, an international keynote speaker, facilitator, best-selling author, and corporate communications coach, will lead the discussion.  Overview: We’ve all heard of the “80/20”rule, but you do you know about the “95/5” rule as far […]

Free – $10