This has been a year of change for your IABC DC Metro chapter. Some of you may not know that this chapter was on the brink of closing just two years ago. Under Chapter President Heather McElrath’s leadership, however, we have been able to rebuild a solid foundation. We:

•   Stabilized our finances.

•   Built a new forward-facing website.

•   Kept our virtual programming active and relevant.

•   Heavily engaged our social media presence.

•   Expanded our focus in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

You Are Needed: As we look ahead to 2022, we have board positions yet to be filled. We encourage you to consider participating in the leadership of this chapter. Not ready to be a board member? That’s OK. How about helping to plan an engaging and topical program for your fellow members? Your board is working hard, but without your input programs and content cannot be shaped.

Let’s Get More Local: I believe building a member-driven organization is paramount. The DMV is a very large area, and at the time I write this we have approximately 145 paid members of all backgrounds and ages. Can we cover the vast area of the DMV? We will do our best, by having events that meet your needs — with your input — in locations accessible to you.

Help Create a Vibrant Future: Creating a stable organization is a challenge that we can handle. We as a chapter need hands, hands that are passionate and willing to roll up their sleeves not only to volunteer but be a part of the future of the chapter. Your involvement is vital to ensuring not only that this chapter has smooth leadership transitions, but also to keep your chapter alive and vibrant.

Looking Ahead: I am extremely honored to be the IABC DC President-Elect and grateful for Heather McElrath’s leadership to get us back on track. And I look forward to getting to know each of you via virtual events or in person. Feel free to email me at

Giuseppe Laviano
IABC DC Metro Chapter President-Elect